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Throughout these unprecedented times as countries and various government officials attempt to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus, it has become abundantly clear that all will be forced to adapt to an uncertain future. As an entrepreneur, investor, and self-proprietor, Randal Gindi has considered the long-term effects of the pandemic as it relates to the economy, real estate sectors, and investors. As a fearless business tycoon and devout family man, Randal has always had an insatiable hunger for the entrepreneurial landscape. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from New York University, Randal acquired most of his experience by working at his father’s retail business, where he helped to oversee various aspects of the company.

When the business was sold five years after graduation, Randal Gindi partnered with his brother and opened a health and beauty aid store. Although Randal brought a lot to the table, he came to the conclusion that retail was not his calling. Randal Gindi instead pivoted and began investing. With a sophisticated understanding of the retail industry, he invested in a business that ran events for independent retailers to display and sell their products. Gindi has a remarkable talent for business and an astute eye for market trends. As a brilliant strategist, Randal and his partners sold the business, recognizing that the internet was emerging as the dominant source for sales in an evolving marketplace.